Creative Solutions

We specialize in creative solutions. We can help you with data processing, service monitoring, or communication connections. Whatever your need, we can probably help.


We make it easy for you to be successful. Our team will help create a solution to match your needs. We give you online logins and real-time web-reporting to give you control so you're not overwhelmed with administration.



Unlike many competitors, we have great prices for what we do. How much is a creative solution worth to you? Our clients are often shocked by how inexpensively we can create something to accomplish thei goal, compared to the other methods they were using.

Our People

The principals of have been successfully creating solutions since 1987, and have brought millions of results to clients around the world since then.

We handle resellers and large volume clients. Our team will make sure that every detail is done, the way you want it.

WaWhen you are thinking, "I wonder if Life Corporation could do...?" The answer is probably YES. We can figure out how to turn your idea into reality.


Contact Us

We are aggressively recruiting agents and resellers for our company. If you are looking for great creative solutions, we would like to set up a mutually beneficial arrangement with you.

We pay our agents the highest commissions in the industry, and we offer resellers a very profitable, flexible opportunity.

Please call use to discuss making a win-win arrangement for both of our companies.